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Privacy Policy

Ochi Co., Ltd. (referred to as "we" or "our" below) respects the privacy of the customer and all customer personal information collected on this site will be kept strictly confidential.

"Personal information" means information which can be used to distinguish or trace a living individual's identity, such as their name, birth date, etc.

●Explanation of the Disclosure, Correction, Deletion, Usage of Personal Information

We will explain the quick and appropriate handling of matters regarding the disclosure, correction, deletion and usage of individual personal information upon the request of the customer.
In cases listed below the above will not apply.

  1. When there is a risk of harm to the well being, rights and profits of the customer or a third party.
  2. When there is a concern of harm to our business affairs.
  3. When in violation of the law.

●Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

We will not use or offer personal information to a third party except in the following conditions listed below.
In cases where personal information must be applied beyond the necessary extent, we may provide a portion of obtained personal information to external third parties regarding certain matters.

  1. When proper consent of the customer is acquired.
  2. When required to based on laws and ordinances.
  3. When required to protect the well being or property of one even without the proper consent of the customer.
  4. When required to improve public health or promote the sound development of children even without the proper consent of the customer.
  5. When required to cooperate with any government organizations, local public organizations in performing operations required by law or when the proper operation of business affairs may be hindered and with the consent of the customer.

●Security Management for Personal Information

We will ensure adequate security measures and will properly manage employees to prevent leakage, loss or defamation of personal information.

●Management of Personal Information Link

We will not take responsibility for any damages brought upon our customers related to the use of links located on this website.

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