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Business Information

Main Product Line

Our main product line includes cosmetic brushes, sponge applicators, puffs, cosmetic pouches and cases.

Product Characteristics

  • Established in 1935, we have the longest history of cosmetic brush making in Kumano.
    Kumano, Hiroshima produces roughly 80% of all brushes distributed throughout Japan and is rightly known as fude no miyako, "The Brush Capital". Ochi Co.,Ltd. was founded by Kiyotomo Ochi. He worked diligently day and night fine tuning his craft of making lip brushes. Kiyotomo Ochi's passion and dedication for brush making was passed down to his son Fumio Ochi who expanded the business to even greater heights.
  • We are a brush making company with the longest track record in Japan.
    We currently supply over 150 companies, a majority of them being large Japan-based cosmetic manufacturers. Over 2000 items have been recorded since our product database was established in 2011.
  • We manufacture high quality products based on the long history and tradition of Kumano brush making craftsmanship.
    Our brushes are manufactured incorporating traditional methods and techniques throughout various stages of the brush making process. A large majority of our products are handcrafted and do not rely on machines or cutting devices at both our Japan and China-based factories therefore enabling us to maintain a high level of production. Especially at our China-based factories, we have focused on manufacturing process segmentation, manual-based production and spending long hours cultivating new craftsmen. In doing so, this allows these factories to possess the skills and techniques to produce high quality products comparable to the main factory in Japan.
  • Competitive pricing by utilizing our overseas base.
    Based on customer demands to lower costs, we initially outsourced our manufacturing but ended in failure. We therefore, after much thought and consideration, established our own China-based factory in 1991. At that time our manufacturing infrastructure was not yet established and we faced many difficulties and hardships. Since then we now have nurtured our own craftsmen and greatly improved our quality control system. In doing so, we now have complete confidence in manufacturing products from our China-based factories. We firmly believe that cost reduction is the responsibility of the manufacturer and we will strive to keep our costs competitive in this market.
  • Customer support system which encompasses the total process of initial design to delivery of the completed products.
    With our extensive experience and background we are able to provide the customer with the best possible product. We work closely together with our China-based factories eliminating any defective or inferior items during quality control inspections and deliver the best product to the customer without delay.


1935年 "OCHI KIYOTOMO SHOTEN" was established as the first cosmetic brush making company in KUMANO-CHO.
Founder:Itsujiro Ochi, Kiyotomo Ochi Address:Nakamizo, Kumano-cho
1965年 Head office relocated to a new building at 3661 Nakamizo, Kumano-cho.
1970年 OCHI CO.,LTD was established.
1979年 Head office relocated to a new building at 3962 Nakamizo, Kumano-cho.
1983年 Fumio Ochi became president after founder's passing.
1990年 Tianjin O.C.B. co.,Ltd. was established at Heping District, Tianjin, China.
(Stock holder : Ochi Co.,Ltd. 60%, ISEHAN Co.,Ltd 5%, 2 Chinese companies 35%)
・Injection molding machine was installed.
1991年 TIANJIN DONGFANG COSMETIC ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd., our second company in China, was established in Tanggu District, Tianjin, China.
(Stock holder : Ochi Co.,Ltd. 100%)
・High frequency welder, puff machine, aluminum alumite machine, injection molding machine and wood processing machine were installed.
2003年 TIANJIN DONGFANG COSMETIC ACCESSORIES Co.,Ltd. relocated to the Dongli District, Tianjin, China.
2006年 Tianjin O.C.B. co.,Ltd. contract term expiration.
2008年 New office building was completed.
2009年 Seitaro Ochi became president.
2012年 TIANJIN BROSSE COSMETIC BRUSHES Co.,Ltd. established in Hexi District, Tianjin, China.
2013年 New factory completed.

GMP Activity

In this day and age, product safety and quality control is taken with maximum precaution. Therefore in the year 2007, we have employed the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) throughout the entire company.

In order to manufacture products of the highest level and consistency, our company has established a standardized form of manufacturing, hygiene and quality control.

Specifically speaking, we follow a particular guideline throughout all of our operating procedures and written records are continuously kept with the utmost accuracy. In doing this, we ensure the safety and reliability of our product and in turn gain the trust of the consumer.

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